Termite Inspection

Recommend for older homes, homes with wood siding, crawlspaces, or exterior wooden structures, such as decks and porches. Also, in homes where past or active water leaks are present.

 Additional Services

Sewer Scope

Camera scope of main sewer line to determine condition and if repairs need to be made. Pictures and video included. Recommended on older homes, homes with cast iron iron sewer pipe, and homes with large trees on premises. Typically only main waste line is inspected, but (if accessible) certain at risk drain lines can be inspected for an additional fee.

Certified home inspections

Meth Testing

Samples are taken from 4 different areas of house, then sent to a lab in Salt Lake for analysis. I recommend testing for meth if there have been multiple owners or tenants, but also to protect you if you decide to sell down the road. This may protect you from liability due to having a test done upon purchase. There is 5 day turnaround, so plan accordingly. We can rush the results for an additional fee as well.

Radon Testing

Recommended to establish a baseline for radon levels in the home. Since radon is only detectable by testing, there is no way of knowing what the levels are until tested. The radon monitor needs a minimum of 48 hours in the home. If we can get access at least 2 days before the inspection, we could have results on the day of inspection.